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Quitting coffee or How to drink chinese tea

This is not all-round guide to drinking tea. It’s more like photoreport of a “geek’s tea ceremony”.

More photos and a little explanation below.

We’re going to need some accessories. Moreover, we will need a tea. Let’s start with Pu-erh. I chipped a little piece off the brick on the left (it used to have a disc form). The pill on the right, basically the same thing, it just has different form.

I believe these pieces weigh about 8-9 grams (0.3 oz., american fellas).

Ok, let’s brew the first infusion. I fill all the accessories with plain boiling water first, in order to warm them up.

Then finally brew the tea.

After ~5 seconds I decant the tea to separate thing (sorry, I don’t know how to call it). Check out my flying teapot:

But wait! We are not going to drink that. At this point we need to wash the tea to get rid of dust.

And only now, brew it again (10-15 seconds), decant to that thing and serve in small cups.

Usually I repeat last step from five to ten times. Each infusion slightly differs from previous one.

What kind of tea ceremony it would be, if we had only one type of tea?.. Next will be my favorite oolong“Tie Guan Yin” I like how those small grains become a leaves again after few infusions.

And I want to finish this tea-party with Yunnan. It is strong red tea. You gotta love it.

So, try some of chinese tea if you haven’t already. It is tasty and healthy.