Vladimir Evdokimov

My portfolio and blog, mostly about Ruby on Rails

About Me

Владимир Евдокимов Hi. My name is Vladimir. English speakers call me Vlad.

It is 6th year since I started to make a living as a web developer. However I’ve created not so much really good applications / sites / webservices yet. There were a couple of overdue, and even completely failed, projects.

But also there was a great ZendFramework based CMS which I created working for australian web design company. Few dozens of web sites are powered by this CMS now. Accommodation booking service is another huge project which was born at http://localhost of my laptop and then successfully launched to the Internet. There were few mediocre projects in russian segment of Internet also. I’d probably set up portfolio page soon.

Years of gaining experience in web development led me to the Ruby world and Ruby On Rails (actually Rails first, as often happens). It boosted my productivity so much, comparing to times when I used php stuff.

Now I’m working on huge ecommerce project which covers almost all aspects of web development. Doing BDD; using Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, SAAS; deploying with Capistrano; serving with Nginx+Unicorn; DRYing with concerns, cells and shared handlebars templates. Oh, I can go on, but I won’t :) I’m wondering if anyone got to this point at all. Ok, actually this is all I had to say for now.